Local Marketing Insights: The Fall Consumer Shift

Jul 27, 2021

A deep dive into the fall consumer shift and how your local business can capture and capitalize on the consumer habits that the fall season brings.

As July comes to an end, so do summer vacations and the freedom from routine brought by the summer season. As your customers transition into the mindset of the upcoming fall season, their consumer habits are transitioning as well.

As a business owner, if you understand your customer’s mindset as it shifts from season to season, then you can capitalize on their needs quickly and establish your business as their go-to choice for the next year.


Understanding the Late Summer Consumer Season

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Autumn marks the end of the carefree summer and the return to routine and order.” From a young age we are conditioned to expect fall to bring a more linear routine as set by the start of the school year.

As our routine becomes more linear, so do our habits. It’s been said that there are 6 major consumer seasons each year – and August/September marks one of the major seasons. The end of summer can often bring about anxiety and stress as people are forced to let go of the summer freedom while also battling the internal struggle to prepare for their fall routine.

The effect of this emotional struggle creates a consumer that is craving the certainty of decisions. What does that mean for your business? Well, if you own a business that can provide consistent services to your customers, then you want to lock them in before fall begins. Consumers will choose their go-to pizza restaurant, hair salon, car wash, etc. for the next year before summer ends.

The common phrase, “humans are creatures of habit” is a proven circumstance. In a world where we are forced to make decisions all day long, habits allow us to disengage, rest our brains, and release stress. Having standard local business relationships allow us to float through our day with less stress and more certainty.

Knowing that the stakes are high to lock in late summer consumers we’re laying out some of the best ways you can lock in loyal customers for the next year. 

Local Marketing to Make Your Business a Consumer’s Habit


Target the Decision Maker

There is generally going to be one decision maker in the household that has final say – reach that person! Depending on the type of business you own, the decision maker will be different. Once you can profile your ‘perfect match’ audience you can target your marketing specifically to them, tailoring your messaging to their specific priorities and needs.

Consider Customer Needs Now

Consider the specific needs that this season brings to your target audience. Your goal is to get them to visit your business at a specific period in time, so be specific with your messaging. Invite your audience in for a fresh fall haircut, a free pizza on the first day of school, or an auto check after their summer traveling season.

Say Thank You

Take an extra moment to recognize and thank your customers for coming in to see you. Saying ‘thank you’ creates a positive after-thought on their experience at your business and brings you top of mind – helping to instill the habitual behavior you want to create. Use the touchpoint as an opportunity to tell them why they should stop back by soon.

Continual Touchpoints

Your customers are busy and getting targeted by thousands of marketing messages every day. Stay top of mind by staying present. Build an email marketing program and a social media marketing strategy that keeps customers engaged and informed throughout the year. Tell customers about seasonal specials and new product/service offerings and why they should come back in to your business.

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