Local Marketing Tip: Find New Customers Now!

Feb 27, 2021

Want to know the best time to get new customers for your local business? It may surprise you to learn that peak moving season offers the highest volume of consumers with the highest potential of becoming a long-term customer at your business.

From the consumers standpoint moving, whether across the neighborhood or across the country, can be an exciting time- but there is no doubt that it can also be a stressful time. While the logistics of moving is stressful and time consuming enough, layer in the emotions of moving and it’s clear why moving homes is considered one of the top 5 most stressful life events.

Because moving is a major life event, both physically and emotionally, it is common that both personal and consumer habits will change. In fact, according to experts, moving homes is more likely to create a shift in habits than setting a New Year’s resolution. The SPSP says, “In the case of moving to a new home, people may need to find new solutions for how to do things in the new house, where and how to shop, commute, and so on. All of these aspects are absent when talking about New Year resolutions.”

The need to find new solutions creates an openness to new ideas. And since consumers are 5X more likely to stay loyal to your business if they try you first, reaching new movers is a huge opportunity for local business owners to create habitual and loyal customers.

In the United States, peak moving season is between April & September, which is when 80% of all 2018 residential moves will occur. So how can your local business ensure you reach these new residents first?

Adapt a new mover marketing strategy for your business! —At Welcomemat we specialize in direct mail marketing targeting new movers in your neighborhood. Things to consider when reaching new movers: 

Accurate New Mover List

Did you know that it’s not possible to purchase a USPS mailing list of new movers? Which is why we’ve developed a big-data list source that pulls in 65+ data points to ensure we have the most accurate new mover mailing list for your business marketing.


Be the ONLY local business in your industry type in the program! In our effort to instill customer loyalty and to offer new residents the best sampling of local business resources – we only allow one business for each business-type in each mailer. This way your local business will always be seen and featured before the new residents learn of your competitors.

Year-Round Tactic

Because people are moving every day new mover marketing tactics offer a full 12-month local marketing strategy where clients see monthly average redemptions as high as 50 a month.  Our program is fully turn-key and runs in the background while you focus on running your business. Just keep an eye out for all the new customers coming in to experience your products and services! 

ROI Tracking

We’ve layered in patented tacking technology into our program to allow local businesses to track the short and long-term success of the program. Using our patented 2-dimensional barcoding system we can track the usage of your Welcomemat vouchers and provide you with a monthly report highlighting information about your new customer base. 

A Second Touchpoint

Using the data collected from the 2-D barcode we are able to identify those that have visited your business and follow-up with an automated and timely thank you postcard to further instill their customer experience and establish customer loyalty.

Find out more about Welcomemat’s new mover marketing program and get started today

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