Today’s modern direct mail – sophisticated and technologically advanced

By Brian Mattingly, April 20, 2016.

Over the past several years, many marketing experts have labeled mail as a thing of the past or an old technology. Not too fast.

While I was recently at an international marketing convention, an award was given to a very well-known global brand for having the most successful marketing campaign for the year. Upon receiving the award, the marketing team stood up and talked about the design of the campaign and what helped make it successful. Everyone in the audience expected to hear – “it was social media”….or “we used amazing digital techniques”, or “advanced IP targeting”….but surprisingly the answer was – “we used a combination of print, digital, social, mobile, and email….and they all worked together. And, direct mail played a big part in the campaign.”

The reality is that with so many mediums out there and people receiving information in so many ways, it takes a synchronized cross-media approach to achieve the best results with any marketing campaign.

Direct mail holds a major place in the world of communication. People still like to receive something. In fact, in a world of everything digital, putting a tangible asset in someone’s hand can be extremely powerful.

The evolution from traditional static direct mail has shifted to being something that is intelligent and something that can be tied to other aspects of marketing strategy.

The new direct mail is:

  • – Highly targeted and laser focused

  • – Is trackable and measurable

  • – Is personalized

  • – Allows for data capture

  • – Can be followed up on


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The Welcomemat Services platform is a sophisticated medium and is effectively compared against traditional direct mail:

Best Direct mails

About the author:

Brian Mattingly

Brian is our Founder & CEO  and is passionate about helping businesses get a head start on their new mover marketing strategies.