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Welcomemat’s exclusive shared mail program
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Finding the right match at the right time isn’t always easy, unless you are using Welcomemat’s
new mover program to find new customers for your brand.

Welcomemat’s clean, upscale format provides both local and national brands with access
to the best market opportunity for long-lasting customer relationships.

Get in Front of Locally Minded Consumers

Reach 115k new mover households each month with our exclusive National Insert Program!

1. Claim category exclusive placement.

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The Welcomemat new mover program reachers over 115k new movers per month, giving national advertisers access to build brand loyalty with a local neighborhood welcome package.

Our nationwide program thrives on its locally-curated mix of independent and boutique businesses and national brands, providing the new movers it reaches with a personal touch like no other new mover direct response program available.

Hear for yourself…

Our national shared mail program is getting rave reviews!

“The Welcomemat new mover program is exceeding expectations! It’s one of the strongest performing shared
mail programs we’ve worked with. The new mover audience is highly responsive and we’re excited to continue
partnering with Welcomemat for customer acquisition.”

— Grove Collaborative

New mover stats for national shared mail program