New Year, New Mover Marketing

Dec 31, 2020

Why it’s important for local businesses to invest in new mover marketing programs

new year new mover marketing

January – it’s officially a new year, which means that it’s a great time for a new start and fresh perspective. Many use this time of year to look inward at how they can better themselves and improve their impact on the word around them. But there is another group of people that experience this “New Year Effect” in a totally different context and at any point during the year, and that’s new movers. When moving homes, the new start and fresh perspective revolve around a new house, neighborhood, community, city, or even state.  Data shows that brand habits are twice as likely to change when people move homes, no matter how far they move. With 37 million new movers last year alone, this is a group local business’ should be reaching.

New movers are being forced to press ‘restart’ on their life. They are forced out of their typical routines and go-to local-business spots. For these reasons they are proven to be 5 times more likely to become a new loyal customer for your business versus situated residents. They need to find a new salon to cut their hair, a veterinarian for their pet, and a new pizza restaurant to get their Friday night fill. Since they don’t have any neighborhood businesses loyalties, they are a lower cost per acquisition than any other group of people — and because they are 5X more likely to be loyal, they are more likely to come back for repeat visits.

It was on this foundation that Welcomemat Services built their new mover direct mail marketing program with such success. With patented technology and 15 separate data points Welcomemat provides local businesses with the turn key solutions to reach a new movers list each month and welcome those new movers into their business. After they have come in and experienced the business Welcomemat follows up with a custom thank you card to provide an additional touchpoint and impression on the new mover.

New movers are nobody’s customers. Make them yours!  Let Welcomemat Services help you reach new movers and create loyal, lifelong customers with our direct mail marketing programs and beyond.

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