Leveraging Direct Marketing Technology Across the Entire Consumer Moving Life Cycle

May 21, 2019

For over 16 years, Welcomemat has been on the cutting edge of new mover marketing technology and new mover engagement.

With issued patents tied to Welcomemat’s ability to track results based upon demographic and sociographic information on new movers, Welcomemat has been able to provide cutting-edge reporting and data analytics to clients since 2003. As a leader in new mover marketing technology, Welcomemat have continued to evolve with the times to make sure our clients can leverage the rich new mover demographic and our data-driven marketing services across new platforms, including digital, social and even more innovative direct mail strategies to match any marketing need. Welcomemat’s data-driven direct marketing services feature:

Top-of-the-Line ROI Tracking Technology

Welcomemat’s proprietary data-tracking technology has provided businesses with unmatched direct mail ROI tracking for over 15 years. As we’ve expanded our service offerings into digital and social, we continue to place a core focus on top-of-the-line ROI tracking tools for our clients.

POS Integration

Welcomemat’s smart digital and traditional marketing tools feature patent-pending integration into POS systems. These integrations allow for close-looped tracking along with direct remarketing capabilities. These innovations have taken off in the car wash industry!

Advanced Neighborhood Mapping Tools

Our advanced neighborhood mapping tools allow you to be hyper-targeted with your direct mail advertising. Our EDDM® Mapping Tool allows you to get hyper-local and explore the ideal mail carrier routes for driving leads to your business.

Roll-up Reporting for Multi-Location Brands

As a franchise company, we understand franchise and multi-location brands. So our automated data-tracking reports are built to allow your brand access to roll-up reporting on the store, regional and national levels.

Neighborhood Response Visualization

Along with providing detailed demographics reports of new customer acquisitions for your direct mail campaigns, our technology also creates a Neighborhood Response Visualization map to allow to see exactly where the majority of your target customers are coming from.

Perfect Match Data Models

Providing the most accurate new mover targeting for 16+ years, Welcomemat has leveraged 15,000,000+ redemption data points to create Perfect Match data models by industry, allowing you to access the most effective local targeting for your business.

Intelligent Data Models and Neighborhood Mapping

Welcomemat uses data models that are specifically built to segment marketing trends within zip codes. With the ability to look at one zip code at a time we can provide the most accurate marketing advice and data for your business’ location. Welcomemat’s data models are used in a variety of new mover and pre-mover offerings. Welcomemat has smart marketing solutions designed for local community businesses, multi-brands, as well as national service providers and national online retailers.

Intelligent Data Models and Neighborhood Mapping

The Most Advanced New Mover Targeting

The evolution of Welcomemat’s technology has allowed for development of new product lines based on learnings from new mover data captured. Newer products based on data models in both digital, social and print have allowed Welcomemat clients to leverage smart marketing tools that achieve strong and trackable results.

While families and consumers enter the moving cycle and go through the moving process, there are many access points of interruption that can help clients and brands interact and help the new mover consumers. When done correctly and with the correct messaging, these interruptions can lead to immediate purchases, service sign ups, and long-term relationships that can last for the next 5.6 years while that family lives in their new home.

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We created this downloadable e-book to give you insights into marketing tools that can be used as part of your localized marketing strategy. ​