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Successful Pizzeria Marketing Guide – Welcomemat

Being a trusted resource for hundreds of pizzerias across the country has given Welcomemat Services exclusive insight into what it takes to successfully market a pizza restaurant.

Check out our step by step Pizzeria Marketing Guide:

Be on social media

There’s no denying that we are living in the digital era. An era where everything is accessible at the tap of a finger, including restaurants. In fact, 60% of people look up restaurants online before they visit. Odds are if consumers are searching for pizza “near me” they’ll go with the pizzeria that has the best reviews and online presence.

It’s not only important to be on social media for search purposes, it’s also another way to engage with customers. Get creative on social media! Consumers love to see “behind the scenes” footage of a chef tossing a pizza or the bartenders mixing a cocktail.

Social media is what you make of it. As a business that’s active on social media, it will also entice customers to engage with you and tag you in posts or stories. When someone tags your pizzeria, you can repost it to your business page and VOILÁ- free advertising!

Put a flier up around your business with your social media handles and encourage customers to tag your business in photos and “check in” on Facebook for even more reach online.

Invite new customers in

Your pizzeria has its loyal customers, the ones that come in every Friday for a glass of wine and a margherita pizza. But what happens when those people move or find a new favorite? That’s why it’s important to consistently target and reach new customers.

Through Welcomemat’s New Mover Program, you will be able to invite every new family that moves into your neighborhood in to try your pizza. These new families are valuable targets for your business as they have no brand loyalties yet.

Through Welcomemat, you will reach a new batch of movers each and every month. You can’t always depend on your regulars to keep the business afloat! Welcomemat’s pizzeria marketing can help you reach that untapped audience and introduce them to your business- their new favorite pizzeria!

Stand out

What makes your pizzeria different from all of the others? Do you serve gluten-free crust? Do you host trivia with BOGO pizza on Thursdays? If you want to stand out, you must set yourself apart from your competitors. One way to do that is introduce a new pizza every few months or even invent a pizza with funky ingredients!

There are plenty of crazy topping options out there such as falafel or kimchi pizza, even 24k gold pizza. Customers love to try foods with a “wow” factor. Announce your new menu items on social media and see how many new customers come in to try them.

Some businesses will also create merchandise to sell to the public. Imagine if one person buys a t-shirt or a koozie, 100 people may see your brand on the shirt and next time they want pizza, your pizzeria will come to mind.

Delivery apps

Let’s face it, people are busy. The invention of food delivery apps has eliminated the struggle of takeout – any food you could ever want can be delivered right to your door in 30 minutes or less. Pizza is among one of the tops food delivered in the United States, meaning you should definitely be available on all delivery apps.

Some of the most popular delivery apps are, Postmates, Seamless, Grubhub, DoorDash and Uber Eats. These apps do charge a fee to be available on their platform, however the busier Americans get, the higher demand there will be for delivery.

As a pizzeria, you compete with a lot of big box brands so it’s important to be as accessible as possible to customers.

Welcomemat has helped hundreds of pizzerias grow their business through our expansive arsenal of marketing tools. If you’d like help with your pizzeria marketing, CLICK HERE.