Targeted Direct Mail vs. Every Door Direct Mail®

Sep 27, 2020

Welcomemat Services is thrilled to announce its new marketing service, Every Door Direct Mail ® (EDDM). If you’ve heard the buzz about EDDM but aren’t quite sure what it’s all about, we’ll fill you in!

For 15+ years, Welcomemat has offered a variety of marketing solutions to help small businesses thrive. Each strategy is dependent on a client’s audience, industry and products.

There are many things your business should consider before choosing a direct mail marketing strategy.

 Figure out which tactic is best for YOUR business:


Why Use EDDM?

This service provided by USPS® allows clients to select every address on specific postal carrier routes. EDDM is convenient for business owners who want to reach potential customers in the community but don’t have addresses or mailing lists.

If you’ve identified areas or neighborhoods that you feel would be interested in your business, then EDDM is a good choice for you. This bulk mailing option can be a simple, cost-effective way to reach your marketing goals.

You can filter the age, income level, or household size of the recipients by using an online tool. EDDM is great for promotions, brand awareness, events, discounts, gifts and more.

At Welcomemat, our team of skilled designers will create a postcard that represents your brand and business. There are different sizes you can choose from depending on the amount of images and text you would like to display.

Even though EDDM is not as targeted as Welcomemat’s other direct mail solutions, there are still some great tracking options for your campaign! Welcomemat offers boosted campaigns with landing page tracking, call tracking or both! This allows you to trace who visits the landing page or calls the phone number listed on the postcard.

If you already have a specific audience in mind, targeted direct mail might be a better option for your business. The postcard might not reach your intended audience because you can’t filter the recipients on the carrier routes. Depending on your business goals, you might want to be more selective on who receives your mailing.


Why Use Targeted Direct Mail?

If you are trying to reach a segmented audience, then you should stick to targeted direct mail. Welcomemat’s Perfect Match Postcard Program can help you reach the right customers with targeted and trackable postcards.

This program is personalized and highly segmented using 15+ years of proprietary data. Welcomemat goes a step further than other direct mail marketing companies with our complimentary customization and premium selection options.

5 Reasons to Use Welcomemat’s Postcard Marketing Program

If your business already has a certain demographic in mind, you can select which targeted population receives the mailing. This includes choosing the consumer’s gender, income and age.

Our premium selections allow you to choose options such as pet interest, marital status, political party, education level, presence of children and more!

The Perfect Match Postcard is a more personalized option. For instance, each direct mail piece is personalized to include the recipient’s name.

Clients who use Welcomemat’s direct mail program send their customers “gifts.” Offering something for free to new and existing customers can build relationships within the community and grow your sales.

Welcomemat tracks your postcard’s success by using our patented data tracking technology. Detailed reports will give you better insight on your customer demographics.

In summary, EDDM and targeted direct mail differ in their ability to target recipients. Traditional direct mail can help you reach specific audiences and mailing lists. EDDM, while less expensive, targets active addresses in specific areas that might benefit from your services.

If you’re interested in implementing an efficient direct mail marketing strategy for your local business, contact us today!

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