The New Years Effect: Why Marketing Is Most Effective at New Years

Dec 21, 2018

New Years is an exciting time for businesses and consumers alike. For consumers, the new year offers the opportunity for fresh starts and new beginnings. For businesses, the new year offers the opportunity to advance technologically and grow sales.

So- how will your business capitalize on the “New Years Effect?”

Everyone loves New Years! It’s a time to reflect on the past year and plan ahead for the year to come (with confetti and streamers, of course). It’s a chance to make lifestyle changes and pick up new habits. When consumers experience a momentous occasion, such as the new year, brand habits start to shift and this is what we call the “New Years effect.”

One person may want to join a gym and others may want to start painting classes. Either way, your business must be there for this occasion. If prepared, businesses can insert themselves successfully into the new year consumer cycle, ultimately gaining new customers for your business.

All consumers, new and old, experience some type of New Years effect so it’s best to anticipate these shifts rather than watch from the sidelines. A new year is an opportunity that both business owners and consumers should capitalize on!

New year, new marketing trends? Absolutely. The marketing world is ever-changing and to be effective, you must keep up with the times. The new year presents business owners with the chance to implement new, technological and digital trends that you may not have tried before.

One trend that is here to stay in 2019 is Instagram stories. More than 400 million people consume Instagram stories on a daily basis making it an effective way for businesses to stay in contact with their customers and connect on an even deeper level. Another trend that is gaining traction going into the new year is personalization, on social media, email or even direct mail.

Personalization is a great way to interact with current and prospective customers while increasing clickthrough rates on email and engagement on social. It’s imperative that business owners get ahead of these trends to ensure they reap the benefits of what’s available to them. Whether it’s email marketing, Instagram stories or personalization, adopt some new tactics in 2019 and take some risks.

Everyone has a chance to start strong in 2019, even businesses. If you haven’t already, make a marketing plan for your business to follow in the new year. By having a plan in place, you can apply this to your yearly budget and allocate money specifically to marketing.

Having a marketing plan will not only save you money but also a few headaches in 2019. If you handle your business’ digital marketing, consider sharing new years tips on your social pages and celebrate new beginnings with your followers. Walking alongside your customers during the new year journey will humanize your brand and allow your customers to trust you even more! The more relatable, the better.

Unfortunately, most business owners simply don’t have the time to map out intricate marketing plans and opt to hands those tasks off to marketing agency professionals. Letting an agency handle all digital efforts will allow the business owner to focus on other prioritized tasks.

Welcomemat Services can offer your business data driven direct mail marketing programs, social media and email marketing programs, and much more to be effective in 2019.

Don’t let these opportunities pass you by. If you’re looking to implement marketing into your 2019 business plan, GET STARTED HERE.

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