Offensive Strategies to Drive Unlimited and Post Covid-19 Car Wash Growth

May 12, 2020

Updated August 1, 2020

In Welcomemat’s latest car wash webinar titled, “Re-Opening Day! Day One……and the Next 180 Days” we explore offensive strategies to drive growth for both getting cars on premise and for recharging unlimited plans.

This webinar was recorded 60 days ago, and several of the items discussed are even more important now.

The webinar explores tactical tips for setting up Google My Business listings to ensure your listing is marked as “open” as well as strategies to beef up your listings. Re-opening day events are also explored.

The core of the webinar locks in on social media and specifically a highly-targeted ad campaign through social using car wash data models and integrations into point-of-sale to create a frictionless customer experience.

Further, the Welcomemat formula of — find the right consumer, let them interact with your brand first, and then ask for an unlimited membership, leverages a strong and proven growth strategy and leverages the power of reciprocity for conversion.

With Facebook and Instagram usage at an all-time high, car wash owners can dial up a successful strategy to reach new customers quickly through new customer acquisition ad targeting through mobile and desktop.

This new method for growth can be a game-changer in turning attrition of memberships around and start working on that growth curve for memberships.

The webinar outlines this digital strategy and shares some tips as to some traditional methods leveraging targeted direct mail that many car washes are dialing up to supercharge their grand re-openings and car counts.

The mention of super low mortgage rates and with the demand for houses and moving coming back strong in the summer, the webinar shares a strategy for tapping into the new mover growth as a sustainable means for growing unlimited through the summer and fall.

One additional interesting piece of information is the coupling of traditional direct mail with a digital strategy and the lift in results tested out earlier in the year.

Additional bullets include:

• Social is here to stay – ongoing customer acquisition digital ad strategies should be ongoing
• Data-modeled targeting brings high-value targets who are more likely to be long-term unlimited members
• Mortgage rates are at record lows – A recent article in Forbes predicts a big push in moving season starting in July
• Traditional targeted direct mail drops for 4th of July and “back to school” should be powerful with limited vacations this year.
• Holiday gift card strategies via social and traditional methods will be large this year.

To access the webinar, please click this link.

Welcomemat Services is a proud member of the International Car Wash Association and the Southwestern Car Wash Association and works with hundreds of car washes all over the nation.

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