Welcomemat franchisee talks about creating customer loyalty for local businesses

January 16, 2017.

Welcomemat franchisee Chad Trollinger was recently invited to talk about creating customer loyalty for local businesses and how Welcomemat is helping small businesses in the neighborhood grow with the help of new mover marketing strategies.

The live podcast was hosted by Buzz on Biz.

Chad explained how Welcomemat’s goal is to see local businesses thrive by getting them new customers and creating strong customer loyalty.

Every month there are hundreds of new families that move to a neighborhood. These new movers are nobody’s customers and by welcoming them to the neighborhood first, local business owners can start to build strong customer relationships.

Listen to the complete podcast on customer loyalty here.

Chad further highlights how these new residents spend much more money right after they move than any other already settled customers in the neighborhood. Bringing them in first is one of the best marketing ideas for small business owners because not only do they spend more but also share their experiences with friends & family.

This increases word of mouth for your small business and results in more repeat customers.


Welcomemat Services helps local businesses in 50+ neighborhoods across the country with local advertising through measurable marketing solutions for small business.

Talk to your local Welcomemat representative today and learn more about our local marketing program for small businesses to discovered before your competition in the neighborhood.