Here’s one of the most overlooked secret weapons for customer loyalty – clue….It’s hidden in your four walls.

While you may have tremendous customer service, a strong product, and a successful local marketing strategy, often times number-minded business people tend to overlook the value of the environment and mood within the four walls when it comes customer experience.

Customer experience plays a large part in driving customer loyalty.

Companies like Restoration Hardware, William Sonoma, Hillstone Restaurant Group, and others clearly understand the value of the mood and environment. In a recent Bon Appetite article, the author asked Brian Beil, the Vice President of Hillstone Group about the powerful allure to Hillstone’s family of restaurants. What was the secret formula?

The author determined that it was everything in the Hillstone environment. This includes the fact that all tables are drilled to the restaurant floor to avoid wobbly tables, and every restaurant location has a copper pot that is used to toss just-fried fries in a kosher salt…..and that each table also gets its own (literal) spotlight, meaning that you can read the menu without pulling out your phone

As a small business owner, we have outlined some tips and ideas to help you create a strong customer experience through environment and mood.

1. Think about what you are putting on the walls. What type of mood are you trying to create…modern, charming, eclectic? You can use websites like Etsy to find some unique local art pieces that could help build the mood. Or, identify local art communities in your area. In Atlanta, The Goat Farm, is a local residence for many of Atlanta’s best artists. They often host art shows where you can purchase unique art pieces that can help you create a strong internal environment within your four walls.

2. As a local merchant, consider the music that is being played in your location. Many music services are available for a relatively low monthly cost that can be subscribed to that have playlists designed to fit the mood you are trying to create. Keep noise levels in check – not too loud.

3. It’s all about the details. Just as with Hillstone restaurants, there is never one magic answer to create a strong customer allure. It’s a culmination of the fine details that can help you achieve a customer experience far ahead of your competitors.

Whatever your business, whether you are a restaurant, a salon, or a local boutique, examining your customer experience in terms of mood and environment can be a game-changer when it comes to creating long-term customer loyalty and long-term profits.

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