The Importance of a Healthy and Positive Company Culture

Jan 22, 2021

Culture: it’s the one thing that beats brand awareness, strategy, or any advertising campaigns.

Culture is everything. It is more important than any marketing strategy or brand-building activity.

Take any successful business, for instance—big or small. A customer doesn’t care about how many times he saw their ad in a local newspaper or how many times he received a promotion from them. What stays with him is their positive culture. That could mean many things, like how energetic he felt when he visited them, his purchase experience, or that the owners made him feel welcome during his first visit.

As a small business owner, it’s crucial that you promote a promising culture both inside and outside your business before you plan any other brand-building activities. You can foster and promote this culture through your store, the customer experience, employee interactions, or even at business events.

Welcomemat promotes just that. By welcoming a new mover to the neighborhood on your behalf, Welcomemat gives you an opportunity to imbed the seed of your welcoming business culture at the exact moment when movers are most receptive to finding new favorite businesses. Thus, we give you an opportunity to gain a lifelong loyal customer.

When some of the country’s most influential marketers were surveyed on the most important aspect of business growth activities, a staggering 88% of them believed that promoting a business’s culture first is more important than any marketing effort to grow your business.

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Culture is the single biggest determining factor to whether your business attracts or distracts customers. Having the right culture in place—from hiring, managing, and training your employees to leaving the customer with a smile on his face—is the most important aspect of growing your local business.

Learn more on how you can benefit from new mover marketing and why new movers are nobody’s customers—and, thus, why they’re more likely to adapt to your culture to become lifelong loyal customers.

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