4 Small Business Digital Marketing Tips

Apr 19, 2021

Your small business digital marketing plan can be a process.

It can seem challenging to grow your small business’s online presence, and even harder to know where to focus your efforts. Don’t get discouraged, though. No matter what your other digital marketing strategies are, they can be enhanced with one big idea: cultivating online community.

Once customers are drawn to your online presence (we wrote about how you can brush up your digital marketing image here), you want them to stay around so that they can stay informed of the goings-on in your business, from sales to new offerings to your day to day operations. So how can you create an online space that not only draws your customers in but remains welcoming day after day?

1 – Post Regularly.

Maintaining a regular posting schedule is like keeping your house tidy for drop-in visitors: do a little bit every day (or every couple of days) to make sure that your digital space doesn’t look too desolate. Make sure that your content is also engaging to your audience by checking in every so often to see which posts get the most engagement, then trying to stick to those themes or methods.

2 – Ask Questions.

A great way to get your community engaged and feeling welcome is to ask them questions! Try polling your fans to decide on your next cupcake flavor, photo of the week, or event. Ask them what they thought of an event this weekend. In the same way that asking about others is a great way to make them feel wanted in conversation, keep your customers at the forefront of your digital marketing. What are they looking for? How can you help them find it?

3 – Post Community Images.

Sharing photos of your customers and your business can help your online community feel connected to the real world. Showing images of your customers is a great way to show that you value them and want to share their impact on your business.

4 – Respond to Reviews.

Whether a review is positive or negative, it’s a good idea to respond to it! Making sure your customers feel heard should be a crucial part of any small business digital marketing plan. Respond politely to criticism and with thanks to praise – your customers will be even more engaged.

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