Car Wash Marketing Case Study:
🔍 Sudsy's Car Wash

Car Wash Marketing Case Study:
🔍 Sudsy's Car Wash

The Situation

In 2013, Sudsy’s Car Wash Owner Troy VanLiere was seeking a car wash marketing solution that would build car wash loyalty and increase same-store sales for one of his three family-owned wash locations in TN. Sudsy’s had built a strong family-friendly brand with the mission of helping every customer drive clean and happy. However, Sudsy’s was in need of fresh new car wash promotion ideas to bring new customers to their wash.

Sudsy's Car Wash Case Study Illustration
Car wash marketing example from Sudsy's Car Wash

The Solution - Hyper-Targeted Direct Mail Offers with Integrated Response Tracking

VanLiere had met with several direct mail vendors, but was most impressed by Welcomemat’s innovative approach to the tried-and-true concept of marketing to new movers in the area.

Welcomemat’s New Mover Program helps local businesses pinpoint new movers in the area every month and invite them in to try their business with a one-time gift offer. The program also features an automated remarketing thank you card to build car wash customer loyalty after their initial visit.

Using Welcomemat’s patented direct mail response tracking, VanLiere was able to see such a consistent revenue flow from the Welcomemat Program that he decided to expand their car wash marketing efforts to another Sudsy’s location in Murfreesboro in 2017.

They also decided to try out Welcomemat’s new Postcard Marketing program for a summer car wash marketing push.

The Results

Sudsy's Case Study Stat for Number of months using the New Mover Program - 96 months

Number of months using
the New Mover Program

Sudsy's Case Study Stat for ROI from New Mover Program - 370%

ROI from New Mover Program

Sudsy's Case Study Stat for Average direct mail response rate since 2013 - 13%

Average direct mail response rate since 2013


Number of redemptions from a single Postcard Marketing push to 10,000 recipients

The ROI of new Sudsy’s customers gained from Welcomemat’s targeted direct mail programs has outweighed the direct mail advertising costs month over month for 8+ years. The consistent success has allowed Sudys’s to expand their direct mail marketing programs with Welcomemat. Today, Sudsy’s has 3 locations on the New Mover Program and does at least 3 Postcard Marketing pushes a year.

Welcomemat’s proprietary data-tracking technology allow us to calculate an average new mover marketing ROI of 370% for all 3 Sudsy’s locations over the years. The average direct mail response rate Sudsy’s has seen with their Welcomemat mailers is 13% – which is 6.5X higher than the average direct mail response rate! And with a single postcard marketing push generating over 1,700 new customer redemption, it’s been a no brainier for Sudsy’s to continue utilizing Welcomemat’s Perfect Match Postcard program for regular seasonal marketing pushes each year!


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