Car wash marketing – turn to new loyal customers for growth

Welcomemat Services helps car washes throughout the United States reach out to new movers in their immediate neighborhoods. Marketing to new movers helps bring in more long-term customers than any other form of advertising. And, because new movers are five times more likely to become loyal, the Welcomemat program is a wonderful tool for gaining new, fresh customers who are likely to turn  in to the regular car wash visitors. Typical response rates for car wash marketing via the Welcomemat program ranges from 8% to 50%. Other forms of car wash marketing yield anywhere from .5% to 2%.

For car washes, the value of a new loyal customer can be tremendous. A new loyal customer with 2 cars who comes in two times a month can be worth up to $900 a year for standard services. Adding 20 to 40 new car wash customers each month can equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a car wash each year. Furthermore, many studies suggest that new movers typically stay in their new homes for an average of 5.6 years. Many car washes who use the Welcomemat program for their car wash marketing also tie their vehicle tracking software to new Welcomemat visitors so they can continue to track the new movers for length of the relationship.

Frank Lynch, owner of Cactus Car Wash receives, on average, a 21 percent return rate each month. “The uniquely designed package has helped bring in more new customers than any other form of advertising,” said Lynch.

Welcomemat Services is based in Atlanta, GA. Unique in the estimated $133 billion local advertising market, Welcomemat Services uses specialized, patent-pending technology to store and log customer demographics for use by the local companies it supports. In 2011, the company launched a franchise system. With 12 locations operating across the South, the company plans to add 15 franchise operations throughout the United States in 2011 and over 200 in the next five years.

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