Hashtagging simplified for local business owners

Mark Bustos isn’t just a notable hair stylist who serves celebrities. He’s also a social media influencer who started the hashtag thread #BeAwesomeToSomebody.

Mark started his career giving haircuts to the homeless for free. Today, at just 31 years old, he has established a career as a well-respected hair stylist.

Like many local business owners, Mark started doing social work through his own business. What sets him apart is that he used the power of social media to earn respect and build a brand image for himself.

For those unfamiliar with them, hashtags are a thread tag that you give to a post. Once you create and use a hashtag, all your future posts with that same hashtag will connect to that topic. Hashtags help your followers see all of your posts on that topic in one place.

For example:


Mark started his hashtag as a way to thread all of his posts about his charity together. However, the hashtag soon became famous, and people started tagging their own content with #BeAwesomeToSomebody.

The power of the hashtag lies in its ability to connect all posts which have similar hashtags.

So, for example, another salon owner can hold a cut-a-thon for the less fortunate in his community and use the same hashtag: #BeAwesomeToSomebody.

This will associate his post with the existing thread and help him achieve more visibility and followers.

As a local business owner, be on the lookout for local hashtags that people are using or create a new one for your business and become a contributor. It can be a great addition to your content marketing strategy and is a simple way to engage with your audience on social media.

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