Local Business Marketing Hack: How to Define Your Audience

Apr 13, 2020

One of the most common mistakes local businesses make when creating a marketing strategy is trying to appeal to everyone. When you cast too wide a net, there’s a strong possibility that you’re just tossing marketing dollars out the door.

Media has become crowded and consumer attentions have become shorter. For example, recent reports show that 93% of marketers use Facebook marketing and that consumers spend less than 3 second considering your ad. Given the volume of ads and the limited amount of time you have to make a memorable brand impression, the best tactic is to be specific with your marketing.

You likely have multiple audiences and types of consumers that regularly use your local business. They have different needs and motives for using your products or services and this creates an opportunity for you to define your audience and consider whether you need to divide these audiences into separate marketing strategies. A great place to start is by creating buyer personas to represent your key audiences.  A buyer persona is simply a fictional or generalized representation of your typical customers. Establish your personas by asking these demographic questions:

How old is your customer?
What is their gender?
Are they married?
Where do they live?
How much money do they make?

Understanding your customer’s lifestyle can also help you define your personas, since people with different lifestyles have different priorities. Consider these questions:

How does their career define their lifestyle?
What are their hobbies?
Do they have kids?
What solution does your business offer them?
Who makes the household decisions?
What are their shopping behaviors?
Do they go on vacation?
Did they recently move to the area?

Focus your marketing efforts as though you’re speaking to these personas. By marketing to your personas, you will increase the relevancy of your marketing efforts, create meaningful connections with consumers, and see better results.

Here at Welcomemat, we specialize in connecting local business to their ideal customer. If you’re looking for ways to bring new customers into your business and refresh your local marketing strategy CONTACT US for more information.

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