Why You Should Focus on Your Local Email Marketing Strategy

Oct 19, 2020

With the help of new technology, email marketing still remains a vital tool in helping companies communicate with consumers.

In today’s world, we rely heavily on technology to communicate. It’s crucial to consider this when implementing your local marketing strategy.

The rise of social media and other online platforms continue to change the strategies business owners and marketers use. However, it’s important to remember email marketing while evolving.

Here are our top 5 reasons to focus on local email marketing:

1. Email marketing is inexpensive

You don’t have to break the bank to reach your marketing goals. Using email to reach local customers is easy and cost-effective. Regardless of your audience, this platform is an effective way to send your message to the masses at a low-cost. Small businesses on a budget can reach local communities without the use of costly software programs. Research shows email marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent. Getting a huge return on investment is a major benefit of using email services.

Here at Welcomemat, you won’t have to waste money and resources sending emails to the wrong people. We use our unique audience capture tools to help build a robust email marketing list of new and existing customers. We can help grow your consumer relationships at a price point that makes sense for local businesses.

2. Email marketing is an effective tool to reach mobile users

Implementing email marketing is a great way to reach your mobile customers. There’s no telling where your consumer will be when you send that email, but there’s a high chance they will view it on their mobile device. According to Deloitte’s U.S. edition of the 2018 global mobile consumer survey, American consumers are now viewing their phones an average of 52 times daily. About 35% of adults say they use their smartphones “very often” or “fairly often” for business uses outside normal working hours. These numbers will only go up as technology advances.

It’s more beneficial to send materials in an email instead of a text message. An email can include more meaningful content than a text. The receiver of your message might be charged for the text, but an email will be free. Our phones are an incredible tool to keep us connected and informed.

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3. Email marketing builds trust with your audience

People look for convenient and dependable businesses in their area, so using email is a great way to make yours stand out. Giving your emails a personal touch is essential. Making the content and subject line personalized to each customer can help build relationships and loyalty. Many prefer using small businesses over corporate businesses, so use this to your advantage. Reach your audience on a more personal level because you have the ability to. Ensure you are sending helpful and informative material to increase credibility and trust. Create that connection with your target audience so they will recommend your company to others. Word of mouth will always be a great form of advertising.

4. Email marketing increases brand awareness

Email is a successful way to show people what your brand is all about. Sending information via email to your target audience can increase your company’s exposure. When sending out each email, think about your goals and make sure the content matches your brand. You want your emails to resonate with your intended audience. Brand recognition is something people connect with, so make sure your content represents it.

5. Email marketing is easy to track

One of the greatest advantages of local email marketing is that you can measure the success of the campaign. You can look at key metrics such as open rate, bounce rate, and click-through-rate. This data will provide insight on what type of emails your customers best respond to. You can see what people like and don’t like based upon the numbers and choose your topics around it.

No matter your target audience, product or industry, local email marketing can deliver better results than other platforms.

If you’re looking for help with email marketing for your small business, reach out to Welcomemat Services!

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