Here Are Some Common Questions and Answers About Welcomemat!

May 21, 2019

How do I get started putting my business in front of those newly moving to my neighborhood?

Welcomemat can help you start your campaign immediately in any area of the country. Please follow the link to start your campaign!

I don’t coupon….how is Welcomemat different from a coupon program?

Welcomemat is not a coupon program. So, we are aligned… we don’t coupon either! The Welcomemat platform is a loyalty program designed to drive in new customers by offering them a one-time gift. During the major life change of a move, new movers are forming habits and patterns that stick for years to come. Our goal is to introduce your business to that new family or individual and help you seal that long-term loyal relationship that will provide tremendous revenue opportunity.

Is it expensive to use Welcomemat?

Welcomemat is built for businesses of all sizes. The investment you make depends on the size of the area you want to reach. We have some businesses that spend less than $100 per month to use the program. Our franchisees or corporate team can help you pick the proper trade area to provide you the maximum return on investment. Click here to start your campaign.

What’s Welcomemat’s footprint currently and can you service my business?

Welcomemat has franchisees all across the country and can target any zip code in the United States. Click here to find your local franchise owner. If your area does not have a current franchise owner, our corporate team will help you design and set up your Welcomemat campaign.

How do you find information on people moving?

Welcomemat has built a proprietary system over the past 13 years that helps us identify families who are moving. We tap into over 30 data sources to find new mover data all over the country.

Explain the Welcomemat exclusivity. How do you box out my competition?

One of the great benefits of joining the Welcomemat program is that you can be an exclusive business in your business category in the Welcomemat program in your area. Gaining access to those new movers moving into your neighborhood and boxing out your competitors can be a huge advantage in helping your business grow and thrive.Click on start your campaign to see if your business category is available in your area, if it is not, you can place yourself on the waiting list for that community/category.

What makes Welcomemat different from other new mover programs?

Welcomemat sets itself apart from other welcoming programs in many ways:

  • Welcomemat is the most modern and technically advanced welcoming program in the industry. With two patents on data tracking and one pending in the mobile space, Welcomemat’s unique approach allows businesses to connect to new movers and track results in powerful ways.
  • Welcomemat uses multiple mediums to help small businesses develop relationships with those new families moving into their communities through direct mail, data tracking, remarketing, social media, email and mobile.
  • Another piece that is critical to the support of local businesses is that we don’t put typical “junk-mail” type offers in our packages.
  • Welcomemat’s tremendous growth over the past few years has made Welcomemat the fastest growing company in the new mover space.

Do you put junk mail in your packages….things like offers for puppy dog designed checks or antique dolls?

No, Welcomemat prides itself on staying upscale and sophisticated and avoids putting these type of offers in the package.

How do I become a Welcomemat franchisee?

Welcomemat is looking for motivated sales and marketing professionals to join the Welcomemat culture and own their own Welcomemat business. While Welcomemat was founded in 2003, Welcomemat did not start franchising until late 2010/early 2011.Since the introduction of the Welcomemat franchise opportunity, Welcomemat has consistently been one of the fastest growing business service franchises in the country. Welcomemat has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Fox Business News and may other publications for its franchise opportunity. Visit our franchise page to learn more.

Isn’t direct mail antiquated and everything moving to digital these days?

Direct mail, while being only one component of the Welcomemat program, is alive and well. Response rates are as high as they have ever been. As more marketers have moved to email, it has opened up less clutter in the direct mail space.Most successful customer acquisition programs use multiple mediums to successfully engage new customer trials. Welcomemat harnesses this concept by offering digital, mobile and social strategies to tie in with the package being delivered to new families moving into the community creating a multi-pronged strategy to drive loyalty.

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