Welcomemat’s Innovative Thought Leadership is Featured in Forbes

Feb 19, 2020

Recently Forbes Featured Welcomemat Services CEO Brian Mattingly about the struggles that the local business community faces in a strong national economy- and how to innovate and succeed despite!

With the U.S. unemployment dipping below 4% and the nation’s economy moving in an upward trend, consumer spending is also increasing. While these trends are positive for the overall economic climate of the country, Welcomemat Services CEO Brian Mattingly addresses the headwinds that these trends create in the local business community in a recent Forbes article.

In the article Mattingly addresses how local business owners can apply the right innovative technology to simplify processes & increase productivity on a local business scale.

Mattingly says: “Low unemployment, increased investment in startups and new technologies and the potential for inflationary forces are driving local business owners to think more creatively and strategically. As the CEO of a 15-year-old brand, and having run a company through both recessionary times and periods of strong economic growth, I’ve learned that the most successful businesses continue to evolve and adjust based on current market conditions.”

Check out the full article featured in Forbes and get great tips for keeping your local business thriving with creative and strategic business plan adjustments.

How A Strong Economy Changes The Game For Local Business

A Forbes Article by Welcomemat CEO Brian Mattingly


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